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Eagle Rock Concrete Grinding & Polishing works hard to help our clients throughout Central Alberta make the right choices when it comes to their flooring.

Q. Will my polished floor stain if I spill products on the surface?

A. All spills should be cleaned as soon as possible. Our polished concrete floors are densified with a product which helps protect against water and oil based stains. However, if a spill (especially acid based) is left to sit for a long period of time the polished concrete is vulnerable to staining.

Q. What if I drop something on my polished floor and chip the floor?

A. There are several products that can be used to fill the hole and then can be repolished to blend in with the existing floor. However, this will be a patch and, depending on the size, the blemish may be noticeable in the finished floor.

Q. Are polished concrete floors slippery?

A. Polished concrete floors meet OSHA standards for slip resistance. Kept dry and clean, polished concrete floors are less slippery than your normal commercial tile.

Q. What is the cost of a polished concrete floor?

A. There are many options involved with a polished concrete floor. The pricing can range from $4.50/sq. ft. for a warehouse setting where little edge grinding is involved all the way up to $10.00/sq. ft. and beyond for a smaller project with colouring options. Each project is unique and we are happy to work with you to find the options that fit your needs. Link

Q. Can polished concrete be used outside?

A. Polished concrete is not recommended for exterior applications. However, there are settings where we would install an exterior polished floor.

Q. Is the process of grinding and polishing messy?

A. The process is contained and the machines are connected to vacuums that greatly reduce dust.

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