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Discover Our Process for Creating Polished Concrete Floor Systems

Choosing a polished concrete floor system is a great way to achieve an attractive floor, and Eagle Rock Concrete Grinding & Polishing will help you understand the process. Serving clients throughout Central Alberta, we're here to answer your questions. Learn more, or contact us today to get started.

Why Choose Polished Concrete?

This is a permanent, low cost solution that turns old or new concrete into a surface that resembles marble. Polished concrete floors are aesthetically pleasing, highly durable and easy to maintain. This flooring solution requires far less maintenance and fewer chemicals than the popular alternatives. Concrete flooring is a sound choice, environmentally speaking, and a healthier choice in terms of indoor air quality. Because the process is quick and environmentally safe, polished concrete floors can be used anywhere, including the grocery, retail or the food and hospitality industry. These floors are ideal for industrial applications, high-traffic schools and other businesses as well.

What Is Our Process?

The basic system is a three step process that utilizes industrial diamonds, impregnating hardeners and sealers to level, densify, polish and seal concrete floors. This process is economical and ecological. We can finish new concrete or restore old concrete. Our system of polishing concrete brings out the natural beauty of concrete floors by turning a rough, porous concrete surface into a beautiful, durable floor with a high shine that is easy to maintain.

We also offer wet concrete grinding to our customers. This alternative might sound messy, but in fact it actually results in the best capture of potentially harmful concrete dust, and keeps it from becoming airborne. This is a tidy and effective means of grinding concrete without unpleasant side effects.

The Aesthetic Value of Concrete

Generally we think of concrete as being dull and grey. Our system unleashes the full potential of this commonly used material. One of the key reasons to move to polished concrete is because of its ability to provide enhanced lighting through increased reflectivity. Through a colour dye process we can also customize your floors to include logos or patterns. The results are limited only to your imagination.

What About Cost?

Due to the low cost of maintenance and the longevity of concrete floors, the cost of concrete flooring is well below that of any other flooring option. For specific costs per square foot please click here.

What About Maintenance?

Maintaining your polished concrete floor is very easy as it requires only a pH neutral cleaner and regular mopping. If you are polishing an existing concrete floor you will notice a significant decrease in the amount of dust in your facility and lower maintenance costs across the board.

The Environmental Promise

Our process is environmentally safe. It is odourless, non-toxic and releases 0% volatile organic compounds (V.O.C.s). We know that when you build green everyone profits, and we are proud to inform our customers that polished concrete is the only flooring option with LEED benefits (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). Polished concrete floors have been an integral part of Platinum, Gold and Silver certifications.

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