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What Is Concrete Polishing?

Concrete polishing is a finished floor solution, which is both economical and ecological. At Eagle Rock Concrete Grinding & Polishing, we utilize the EverShine system, which uses a patented mechanical diamond concrete grinding and polishing system that is environmentally friendly. EverShine polishes concrete, terrazzo and other stone surfaces without using coatings, waxes, harmful chemicals or volatile organic compounds (V.O.C.s). The EverShine process can rehabilitate existing concrete floors and enhance the look of new concrete floors. Contact us today to get started.

High Performance Floors

Concrete polishing will transform your floor into a beautiful, functional, durable, high performance floor without the use of topical coatings. With little or no downtime or loss of business while your work is completed, your concrete floor is mechanically prepared, chemically treated and hardened, then polished to a brilliant surface finish. Customers can actually select the level of sheen that best suits their requirements, from matte to high gloss.

The benefits are:

  • No wax
  • No sealer
  • Low maintenance
  • Superior durability
  • Highly reflective
  • Slip resistant
  • Non-yellowing
  • Eliminate V.O.C.s
  • Ultraviolet and abrasion resistant
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